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In 1996, Los Gringos Locos restaurant and the world-famous Misplaced Priorities band first
teamed up to offer an "instant party" auction package that includes the restaurant's signature taco truck with chicken or beef tacos, rice, beans and a Caesar salad as well as a margarita bar for 30 people. This all is topped off with an afternoon or evening of classic rock from the "world famous" Misplaced Priorities. Since 2002, they have raised over $950,000 for worthy causes and would love to add your party or charitable event to their roster.

The Misplaced Priorities play a variety of music including Classic Rock, Country Western, Blues, and Folk.  They can be both background entertainment and/or a dance band.  Furthermore, depending on our host's desires and/or what our spouses allow,  on any given evening the band will consist of two to eleven members. We are helpful and take orders well.  Please use our sound system for announcements and let us to help you move tables, mow lawns or wash windows.


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