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In The Beginning
The Misplaced Priorities are a local band from humble beginnings. Forged from adversity on long boat rides home from Camp Fox and cold nights around Boy Scout campfires they have grown to be the official house band of several non-profits, The La Canada Flintridge Chamber of Commerce as well as a regular at the LCF Music in the Park, carnivals, special birthday parties, summer flings and office events.

Who Is In The Band
Today the band consists of Rich Myers on bass, Barry McGuire on drums, Steve Stathatos on lead guitar, Tom Reynolds on rhythm guitar, Frank Dvoracek on accordion and vocalists Jeanne Norton and Mandy Boesche. We mainly play for charity events but also play the occasional paid gig too!

Big Briar Brass
From time to time the band is joined by a FABULOUS horn section: Richie Myers on Trombone, Eddie Myers on sax and Jimmie Myers on Trumpet. Besides being fun to hear... they are great to watch too. The Four Tops have nothing on these lads!

Past Band Mates
Past members include: Craig Windsor, Al Herbert, Skip Barber, Craig Stoddard, Rick Weisman, Ruben Corona, Bob Hillman, Mary Emily Myers, Jessie Groothuis, Kyle Manus, Keith Sexner, Jim Reynolds and Darren Dvoracek....


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